How to Swap

So to swap it is very simple and easy and super fun.

Firstly, go through your wardrobe and find all the items you don’t wear. Items you have bought and worn once or never worn at all. Items that you have grown out of love with, or items that don’t fit anymore but you have been saving for years in the hope that it fits again (we have all been there)! They have to be in a good condition- not stained or old items with holes or bobbles.

Next, just bring the clothes you want to swap to the event. Find the SWAP RAIL, and present the clothes you want to swap to the Swap assistant. Clothes that can be swapped will be hung on the SWAP RAIL (hangers are provided) and you are given tokens depending on the number of items you dropped off. Anything you see on the SWAP RAIL you can take. You drop 1 item, you can take 1 item, you drop 3 items you can take 3 items and so on…

You can swap only at the Swap Rail.

Its so fun and you can swap throughout the whole event, if you come early and drop your items and receive your tokens you can come back throughout the event as more and more items come and take items throughout the night.

ONE WOMANS OLD IS ANOTHER WOMAND GOLD- Be ready to get rid of all those wardrobe cloggers- items that have been sat there for ages and you don’t want to take them home again.