Frequently Asked Question’s 

How often is Fashion Swap Shop? Once a month- click on “Upcoming dates” for schedule

What is Fashion Swap Shop? Fashion Swap Shop is a vibrant monthly fashion market showing the best in home grown talent from Dubai, A unique shopping experience and an alternative to the countless malls. You can shop, or sell (if you have stuff to sell) and swap

Where is Fashion Swap Shop? From mid-2017 Fashion Swap Shop will be collaborating with Ripe Market’s and will take place at Time’s Square Mall over summer

How many fashion stalls / vendors will be present at the next event? We are expecting around 30+ unique brands to sell

How do I Swap? At each event there will be the famous Swap Rail. At the rail people can bring all the clothes they  have in their wardrobe that they do not wear any more, clothes they have bought and never worn, items that area to big or too small *in a good condition*. At the rail, you simply hang up any items you have brought on the rail and leave them there. You can then browse all the clothes that has been left on the rail and take any thing you like. Throughout the night items will be left and take so make sure you check the rail all night and take anything you want.

What happens to all the clothes on the Swap Rail at the end of the night? At the end of the night, if there are still clothes on the Swap Rail- the best items wil be rolled over til the next event and others will be donated to charity: Dubai Centre or Special Needs in Karama

Who can take part? If you have a brand get in touch with information on your brand, pictures etc. We are always looking for new amazing brands. Fashion Swap Shop has the final say on which brands can take part.

How do i get in touch? Email us at info@fashionswapshop.com